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How to register as a visitor to the events, held by Eurindex

If you want to visit the event, held by Euroindex you can fulfill the registration form and become our registered visitor.

After filling in, you will receive registration confirmation code by e-mail. You will become registered user after confirmation of the registration.

After that you can order invitation cards to all the events, held by Euroindex Ltd.

What can registration give you?

  • Possibility to receive invitation to the trade show.
  • Possibility to have express-registration "Green corridor" without fulfilling registration forms at the trade show.
  • Possibility to have prior pre-registration for special events, held in the frameworks of the trade show.
  • Possibility to receive invitation cards to our events, which you are interested in.

Fill in the registration form.

After receiving the confirmation letter with the code by e-mail, please, click the link, mentioned in the letter.
Enter your personal page at the web-site using you e-mail and password. You can register as visitor to all the trade shows and events or you can also cancel your intention to visit the event, by entering the block "Order invitation card".

Who can register

Registered visitor can be any employee, who has filled in the registration form correctly. Attention! We do not register school children, students, and people who does not work. It is caused by the specialized events we are holding, aimed at corporate visitors.

Personal page

When you are registered visitor, you can have access to your personal page, where you can:
  • Look through the list of event, we hold.
  • Register or cancel your registration for the event.
  • Know which events you are registered for, if the invitation was sent you and when.
  • Know all our events you might be interested in.
  • Change registration details.


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